How to make delicious and healthy salad

How to a make delicious and healthy salad

The process of mixing vegetables is very simple. There are almost no fixtures, little planning time, and less brain pain. Sometimes it is basically ideal. As I mentioned before, French people like to dine in courses. Instead of setting them up at the same time, they put everything on the desktop, and then try to keep everything hot at the same time, but break them down into courses. If you can't eat everything in general at the same time, why would they try to eat it right away?

healthy and delicious salad

Not all courses are puzzling. Usually do not eat. One food that French people like to eat independently is a salad. Salade has broad and vague importance in French. I think it's also in English. Of course, you might think that a plate of mixed vegetables is "serving mixed vegetables", which includes tomato sauce, cucumber fillet, lettuce, and possibly two pieces of bread as a garnish, but if you think of it as mixed vegetables, what should you do? ? If most of us do not put any of the aforementioned fixtures into our mixed vegetable potatoes, do we think that the mixed vegetable potato board is a mixed vegetable?

More importantly, it should not Talk about pasta with mixed vegetables? Or another plate of cranberry board with mixed fruits and vegetables? Does my experience with cranberry mixed vegetables include cranberries, jelly/gelatin whipped cream, and marshmallows? At present, what capacity can be called a mixed green?

Egg plates with mixed vegetables, fish plates with mixed vegetables, and crabs or shrimp pieces with mixed vegetables can all be eaten on lettuce or salad, but if you don’t want to put any of these mixed vegetables between two slices of bread, you Call them the eggs for mixed vegetable sandwiches? Fish mixed vegetable sandwich? I will. However, maybe it's just Americans.

In any case, a plate of mixed greens can mean many things to many people. It is often as confusing or straightforward as you want. This cucumber mixed vegetable is basic. This is a simple and quick way to include one or two of your 5 meals a day in your diet.

I have learned in the past that adding a simple plate of mixed vegetables at the beginning of a meal is ideal for making these vegetables work. It can arrange the menu in a reasonable range and can save costs, especially when vegetables are used seasonally. About KISS = keep it basically meaningless! One vegetable, one mixed vegetable, one dish. By kissing, you will have a broader decision to start the first course made with a new vegetable: tomatoes, ground carrots, celery root, avocado, grapefruit, beet mushrooms...

Usually, you can fill each plate of mixed fruits and vegetables with the required energy, such as adding new spices or other nut oils or vinegar. I chose a vegetable for the first course of the mixed dish, and then let my heart reveal to me the direction of jazz music. Remember, straightforward (especially on a crazy work weeknight), this is excellent.

Cucumber mixed vegetables are usually grouped pleasing, and the kids charge a lot from it. In the hot summer, serve this plate of mixed greens and you will be as cool as... a cucumber!

Cucumber mixed vegetables-Salade de Concombres

1-2 cucumbers (1 large cucumber or two small cucumbers), can be peeled and cultivated

4 tablespoons olive oil, other virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

1/2 tablespoon Dijon mustard sauce

Salt and pepper to taste

Cut into small rounds; fix the vinaigrette seasoning in a bowl and stir well until smooth and rich; toss carefully with a cucumber until completely covered; cool until ready to serve.

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