How to make a healthy burger and chips

How to make a healthy burger and chips at home.

I may be surprised by the healthy burger and fries head. Healthy burgers and fries? Is this possible? This is not even one of my cheats. This is just a healthy burger and fries recipe I want to share with you, honestly, it's delicious!

healthy burger and chips

One of the most important reasons people hate eating is that they become bored and feel trapped

 in eating the usual salads, meat, and vegetables again and again. It doesn’t have to be this way, the secret is proof. I think many of us crave a delicious burger and fries from time to time, but in most cases, eating them will put some wood in the middle. But here is an exception...

Elements for Burgers (4 servings)

* 500g additional lean hamburger mince (or turkey will work fine as well)

* 1 onion, cleaved finely

* 1 bean stew - finely cleaved (discretionary)

* 1 x egg

* Seasoning: Salt and pepper

1. Combine all fixings in a bowl, partition it into 4 bits. Massage each part so everything remains together pleasantly, at that point level into a burger shape. 

2. Warmth some coconut oil in a griddle and shallow fry for around 4 minutes each side. Or then again you can barbecue them. (a bread roll is discretionary, forget about if you are attempting to get thinner) 

Elements for Chips

* 2 huge yams

* 1/2 tsp stew powder (discretionary)

* 1 tsp paprika

* 1 tbs coconut oil, liquefied

1. Cut up the yams in chip size pieces. (Utilize a sharp blade)

2. Throw all fixings into a huge bowl and blend.

3. At that point place in a huge preparing plate in a stove at around 220 degrees C for 15 mins.

Serve your burger and chips close by a touch of the plate of mixed greens.

I should state now that my better half does the vast majority of the cooking and prep in our home so when I state "I", I once in a while mean my significant other.

The yam chips are heavenly!

Regularly I make a few QUICK burgers and an enormous plate of mixed greens and this hits the spot.

This formula will be HEALTHIER regardless of whether you have a bread move BECAUSE it's homemade and there are no added substances or additives.

You, similar to me, are likely carrying on with a relentless occupied life I find that investing some additional energy into setting up my suppers helps LOADS.

One strategy I use is cooking EXTRA!

I generally cook in any event 2 bits of my supper so it eliminates the exertion of cooking next time.

I simply pack the additional dinner in a little compartment to eat the following day or whack in the cooler. (This functions admirably with meatballs and curries, which are my two fav plans).

The way to keeping up a solid eating routine is to make things as SIMPLE as could be expected under the circumstances (particularly at the outset).

So I trust you give the burger and chips formula a proceed to tell me what you think.

Fare thee well.

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