The 5 best healthy and delicious smoothies

 The 5 best healthy and delicious smoothies

Everyone is considering the huge medical advantages of natural juices, but which juices can bring us the greatest medical advantages? When there are too many different juices to browse, why do 70% of us choose to squeeze an orange? All juices are filled with nutrient C, but some juices have more advantages.
healthy and delicious smoothies

Here, we will study 5 kinds of "super juices" that can provide some interesting advantages and help us avoid diseases. If in doubt, use the dull and dull shades of blue, red, or purple to help us build an insensitive frame. Try to buy a juicer that contains mashed potatoes or residue reg-this means that the juice is made from the skin or tissues of food grown from the ground, and here are the best supplements. It is also important that you buy a "100% juice" instead of a juicer produced using concentrated juice. Post words such as "refreshment" or "juice drink" and leave it on the shelf. Perhaps the main exemption here is cranberry juice, which is too strong on its own. Cranberry juice will continue to contain some sugar or reduce the sugar content, making it more delicious to drink.

Here are my 5 main super juices to start my day: 

1. Cranberry juice: Cranberry juice is known for preventing urine pollution. At present, researchers believe that it can also prevent the arrangement of specific microorganisms in the stomach, which can cause colon pollution and gastric ulcers. Cranberry juice is rich in anti-cancer drugs that can help fight free revolutionaries who harm cell structure and DNA.

2. Purple grape juice: Anticancer agents are added to this juice. These anticancer agents are huge enemies with mature properties and can protect us from coronary heart disease and other persistent diseases. The polyphenols in grapes have the potential to reduce the formation of blood clusters in the veins and at the same time reduce the risk of disease.

3. Pomegranate juice: In 2010, analysts at the University of Edinburgh found that the standard utilization rate of pomegranate juice promotes the reduction of fat around the stomach. At the same time, realize that the juice also helps to keep the pulse low, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory failure and stroke.

4. Squeeze the apples: I am really suggesting that the apples are squeezed, not the unmistakable classification. The anti-cancer agent contained in the cool pressed apple is several times that of the pure pressed apple, and it can also make the mashed potatoes contain fiber. Quercetin found in squeezed apples inhibits the development of prostate malignant cells by preventing androgen movement.

5. Grapefruit juice: This natural product contains fat-consuming protein, which can help retain and reduce starch and sugar in the body. It is often used as part of a weight-loss diet. In addition, studies have also shown that the bioflavonoids in grapefruit can prevent the spread of malignant growth cells in patients with boron disease by processing a large amount of estrogen in the body.

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